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@ KEY’S - 2 boys one girl - moyenne d’age 22 ans.

Fond of games, addicted to the 90's & play stations with an immoderate taste for role-games, choreography. Nutcases of music, they use all the sides and trends by revisiting the styles in their way, with humour & a trifle of … derision !

The access to all the tools referring to the sound, handling samples & set-up sounds background samples et opened them a secret gate on their personal crazyness and touch, a kind of wink.

Attracted by disguises (they both met & work for a large park named with a very famous mouse's name!), their very first quality should be felt as a defect : PLAY & GAME

They don't look like having a balloon instead of their head, They play . .. !

The advantage resides certainly at the level of their respective job: They both prevail all day long and are burst out in complementary artistic fields

Dance, Song, music, comedy, jonggling, scenography, writing and composition ….

Their trend : retro-new-wave-techno-electo-rap-rock-varièt-kwool-fashion !

Their trip : Coming up recently and unloaded from their japan-uk tour they are now ready for the European invasion !

Their influences : All and none, but especially humour and caricature !

They translated & transcribed their feelings by surfing on their favorite influences : mangas & play-stations.

D.J KAZ vs Ray Monde….. battle between Dagobert Justin Kaz & the bashful lover Monde, Ray Monde awaiting for his beautifull Princess Haly Siaopé Idéstare.

Wrongfully modest manga doll, a strand of provoke, erotico- sensual. Dropped off from her virtual universe play station into the real world to annoy Ray, Ray Monde wrongfully cool dandy , wanting to have tektro-gitan origin ….

All of them took part to the arrangment, playing with samples, effects & tools available on internet, connected to their own computers. We have to say that they were helped by a very famous musician : Francis Rimbert wrote & composed their 3 main titles .

In fact, they have the same approach with sound & image . They cut, past & edit music samples like visual one's. Musical inspirations, visual references, common influences mixing their hobbies … !

It's just and only the beginning.

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